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Precautions for safe use of accumulators

1.Selection of suitable accumulators

Accumulators are pressure vessels that use high-pressure gases, so depending on the conditions of the place of use, pressure, and capacity of the accumulator, it may be necessary to accept legal regulations such as the Pressure Vessel (China). Please be careful when selecting an accumulator.

In addition, please note that if you use this product outside of China, you must comply with the laws and regulations of the local government.

Select and use an accumulator that complies with the operating conditions (operating pressure, necessary oil volume, operating temperature, fluid type, operating environment, applicable regulations, etc.). If you use an accumulator that does not meet the operating conditions, not only will the accumulator not perform as expected, but it may also have a negative effect on other devices.

2.Installation of accumulators

Never weld or drill the accumulator.Otherwise, there is a risk of accidents due to rupture or other reasons.

Accumulators should be securely supported on brackets or walls and fastened with clamps. If the accumulator is left to stand on its own, it not only exposes all parts of the accumulator to vibration or even seismic forces, but also loosens the screws.

Avoid exposing the accumulator to external heat. If there is a heat source or direct sunlight near the location of the accumulator, install a heat shield for the accumulator. If the gas inside the accumulator is heated, the pressure will rise abnormally, which may be dangerous.

A pressure control valve shall be provided as a safety device in the pipework containing the accumulator to limit the pipework pressure from exceeding the maximum working pressure of the accumulator.

3.Operational Accumulators

Use the accumulator within the maximum working pressure (design pressure). Excessive pressure may cause damage such as rupture and lead to danger.

Please note that if the accumulator is left for a long period of time (more than 2 weeks) without hydraulic pressure being applied after inflation, the rubber of the airbag may stick to the inner surface of the shell.

4.Maintenance of accumulators

The accumulator inflation air pressure must be checked and adjusted after inflation, one week after inflation and every three months thereafter. This procedure is essential to protect the airbag and maintain the function of the accumulator. When measuring the air pressure, the hydraulic pressure in the line must be reduced to atmospheric pressure before proceeding.



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