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Principle of gas-loaded accumulators

The operating principle of gas-loaded accumulators is based on Boyle’s Law. The following is a detailed explanation of its working principle:

1.The filling process: First, the accumulator is filled with gas or nitrogen at a predetermined pressure. This gas serves as a storage medium for energy and its pressure and volume can be adjusted as required.

2.Energy storage: When the system pressure exceeds the internal pressure of the accumulator, the oil will compress the gas, converting the pressure energy in the oil into the internal energy of the gas. This process is the process of energy storage, the gas is compressed, the volume decreases and the pressure increases.

3.Energy release: when the system pressure is lower than the internal pressure of the accumulator, the oil in the accumulator under the action of high-pressure gas flow to the external system, release energy. This process is the process of energy release, the gas expands, the volume increases and the pressure decreases.

4.Selection of filling pressure: Selecting the proper filling pressure is the key to this type of accumulator. The choice of filling pressure affects the performance and life of the accumulator.

5.Structure type: Gas-loaded accumulators can be further divided into diaphragm, piston, airbag and non-isolated according to their structure. Each structure has its own characteristics and applicable occasions.

6.Features: compared with other forms of accumulators, gas-loaded accumulators have oil and gas isolation, oil is not easy to aging, responsive, small size, light weight and other characteristics. In the hydraulic system to store energy, stabilize pressure, reduce the power of the hydraulic pump, compensate for leakage, absorb shock pressure and pulsating pressure and other roles.

7.Application: in the hydraulic system, the accumulator is mainly used in the storage of energy for emergency system needs, reduce system pressure fluctuations, reduce pump pressure pulse and other situations.

In summary, the gas loaded accumulator through the compression and expansion of gas to realize the energy storage and release, its working principle is simple and efficient, is an indispensable and important part of the hydraulic system!



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