The main business of the company is: bladder accumulator, Diaphragm accumulator, Piston Type Accumulator, oxygen cylinder, CO2 cylinder, gas cylinder, nitrogen gas cylinder, Welcome to inquire and negotiate cooperation by phone.
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Nitrogen Cylinder Valve/Gas Cylinder Valve/

QF-8A Nitrogen Gas Cylinder Valve Coupling Type W21.8X1/4

QF-8 Shaft Coupling Type Brass Nitrogen Cylinde Valve
brass material
work pressure 15Mpa
outlet thread female g1/2
inlet thread PZ27.8 GB8335
media: oxygen, nitrogen, and other air etc

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QF-8A Nitrogen Gas Cylinder Valve Coupling Type W21.8X1/4

QF-8A Nitrogen Gas Cylinder Valve Coupling Type W21.8X1/4

No.TypePorductMediumWorking pressureNominal DiameterOutlet ThreadInlet ThreadSafety Temperature
1QF-2Flapper Type ValveO2, Air,N2154G5/8GB8335 PZ27.821±1.5
2QF-2BFlapper Type ValveO2, Air,N2154G5/8GB8335 PZ27.821±1.5
3QF-2B3Flapper Type ValveO2, Air,N2154G5/83/4-14-NGT21±1.5
4QF-2CFlapper Type ValveO2, Air,N2154G5/8GB8335 PZ27.8NO
5QF-2DNeddle Type ValveO2, Air,N2154(FEMALE)G5/8GB8335 PZ27.8NO
6QF-2GFlapper Type ValveO2, Air,N2154(FEMALE)G5/821±1.5
7QF-6Flapper Type ValveO2, Air,N2154(FEMALE)G5/8GB8335 PZ27.821±1.5
8QF-8Coupling Type ValveO2, Air,N2154G1/2GB8335 PZ27.8NO
9QF-8ACoupling Type ValveO2, Air,N2154W21.8×1/14GB8335 PZ27.8NO
10QF-8BCoupling Type ValveO2, Air,N2303W22×1/14NO
11QF-11Diaphragm Type ValveO2, Air,N2152W21.8×1/14GB8335 PZ19.2NO
12QF-011Diaphragm Type ValveO2, Air,N2152W21.8×1/1421±1.5
13CGA540Flapper Type ValveO2, Air,N2154
14CGA540CFlapper Type ValveO2, Air,N2154
15CGA5401/2Flapper Type ValveO2, Air,N2154

qf-8a valve,nitrogen gas cylinder valve,gas cylinder valve
qf-8a valve,nitrogen gas cylinder valve,gas cylinder valve

Are you factory or foreign trade company?
Q: We are industry and trade integration.
What products do you have?
Q: We produce bladder accumulator, bladder accumulator shell, seamless steel gas cylinder, pressure vessel, diaphragm accumulator and filter shell.
Why choose ZP produces with a warranty?
Q: One-stop shopping. We can supply empty gas cylinders or gas filled cylinders. On the meanwhile, we can supply accumulator shells or accumulators or even the accumulator parts only according to customer’s demand.
How about your company?
Q: As established in year 1958, our company has long history and full experience in supplying above mentioned products with good quality and in time delivery.
What’s your payment terms ?
Q: T/T. 30% deposit, the balance against copy BL.
Where do you deliver the product?
Q: Common goods from Tianjin and dangerous goods from Shanghai.
How about your after-sales service?
Q: Our after-sales service start immediately after signing the contract.
1). Source the lowest freight cost for customers’ reference. Provide forwarder information and book vessel for customers.
2). The products and shipment pictures will be provided upon coming out.
3). Standard Export Packing Suitable for Sea Freight.
4). Termly product quality return visiting.

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