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SB600TR-32F1/112S1-345F Bladder Accumulator, Top Repairable

Diameter 9.7 in247 mm
Height 53.7 in1364 mm

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Bladder accumulators are a very versatile and cost effective option for numerous types of hydraulic systems involving energy storage, shock absorption, pulsation dampening, leakage loss compensation and volume compensation. They are a first choice for a great variety of general applications and have the widest range of standard sizes and model options. Bladder accumulators also have very quick shock response characteristics in sizes much larger than diaphragm accumulators.


Model Code DescriptionSB600TR-32F1/112S1-345F
TypeBladder Accumulator
Connection TypeSAE Flange
Seal MaterialBuna N (NBR)
Weight188 kg413 lb
MaterialCarbon Steel
Connection SizeSAE 1 1/2 in. Code 62
RepairableTop Repairable
Valve MaterialCarbon Steel gal
MediumMineral Oil
Flow240 gpm
Volume Capacity10 gal32 L
Industry Standards/CertificationsASME


Diameter9.7 in247 mm
Height53.7 in1364 mm


Some common applications of bladder accumulators are:

  • Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
  • Forestry Equipment
  • Oil Field & Offshore
  • Machine Tools
  • Mining Machinery & Equipment
  • Mobile & Construction Equipment
  • Off-Road Equipment

Mounting Type

ZP bladder accumulators can be installed in any orientation depending upon the application. When installing vertically or at an angle, the fluid port must be at the bottom. On certain applications listed below, specific positions are preferable:

  • Energy Storage:


  • Pulsation Dampening:

any position from vertical to horizontal

  • Maintaining Constant Pressure:

any position from vertical to horizontal

  • Volume Compensation:

any position from vertical to horizontal

Caution: Mounting a ZP bladder accumulator horizontally or at an angle will decrease the amount of usable volume available.

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