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Diaphragm Accumulator/

SBO250-0.075E1/114U-250AK Type SBO Diaphragm Accumulators

Diameter 2.52 in64 mm
Height 4.48 in114 mm
Dimension Q 10 gpm
Dimension A 2.68 in68.0 mm
Hex Size 1.18 in30 mm

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Diaphragm accumulators are a cost effective option for numerous functions involving energy storage, shock absorption or pulsation dampening in a hydraulic or fluid system. They are well suited for applications where smaller fluid volumes and flow rates are adequate and that require or involve:

  • Compact design
  • Low weight
  • Flexible mounting positions
  • Extremely quick shock response
  • Low cost
  • Low lubricity fluids, like water


TypeDiaphragm Accumulator
Model Code DescriptionSBO250-0.075E1/114U-250AK
Fluid Port ConnectionBSP Connection
Weight0.7 kg1.5 lb
Size (L)0.075
MaterialCarbon Steel
Manufacturing ProcessWelded
Connection SizeG 1/2 BSPP Female
Country of InstallationPED/CE
Diaphragm CompoundIIR (Butyl)
Compound Operating Temperature Range (Water and Water-Glycols (Phosphate Esters and Brake Fluids))-20 to 200 ºF
Shell Construction and Gas Port DesignWelded Construction, rechargeable, ZP Gas Valve Version 1 (M 28 x 1.5)
ShellCarbon steel
Fluid PortCarbon steel
Thread (British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP) – Female)G3/4
Flow10 gpm38 L/min
Maximum Pressure Ratio (p2:p0)8:1
Volume Capacity0.020 gal0.075 L
MAWP3600 psi250 bar
Effective Gas Volume5 in³


Diameter2.52 in64 mm
Height4.48 in114 mm
Dimension Q10 gpm
Dimension A2.68 in68.0 mm
Hex Size1.18 in30 mm


Both types of diaphragm accumulators have the same basic construction. The difference is in the shell. The welded version has a shell that is electron-beam welded, and therefore cannot be repaired. The threaded type has a shell made up of two halves (top and bottom) which are held together by a threaded locking ring.

Corrosion Protection

For use with certain aggressive or corrosive fluids, or in a corrosive environment, ZP offers protective coatings and corrosive resistant materials (i.e. stainless steel) for the parts that interface with the fluid or are exposed to the hostile environment.

Mounting Position

Diaphragm accumulators are designed to mount in any position. In systems where contamination is a problem, we recommend a vertical mount with the fluid port oriented downward.

System Mounting

ZP diaphragm accumulators are designed to be screwed directly onto the system. We also recommend the use of our mounting components, to minimize the risk of failure due to system vibrations.


Some common applications of diaphragm accumulators are:Agricultural Machinery & EquipmentForestry EquipmentMachine ToolsMining Machinery & EquipmentMobile & Construction EquipmentOff-Road Equipment

Diaphragm Materials

Not all fluids are compatible with every elastomer at all temperatures, therefore, ZP offers the following materials:NBR (Standard Nitrile)LT-NBR (Low Temperature Nitrile)ECO 30 (Epichlorohydrin)IIR (Butyl)FP

Additional Information

Diaphragm Accumulators have been successfully applied in both industrial and mobile applications for energy storage, maintaining pressure, leakage compensation, and vehicle hydraulic systems.

ZP manufactures two types of diaphragm accumulators:Non-repairable (welded)Repairable (threaded)

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