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Piston Accumulator/

SK 350 Series 1958 mm Height Piston Accumulator

250 mm
77.1 in1958 mm

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The piston accumulator series SK350 is ZP’s most versatile series with a repairable design and large selection of options. The largest range of possible sizes, material construction, and other options are offered. Standard and Low Friction piston designs are available for superior performance and flow rates. Features of this series are: Bore Diameters from 2.4″ ID to 19.3″ ID, Sizes from 1 quart to 200 gallons, Largest range of possible sizes and material options, Standard and Low Friction piston designs available, Largest variety of gas and fluid port options, A variety of piston position sensor monitoring systems are available, ASME, CRN, PED/CE and other pressure code certifications are available.


Industry Standards/CertificationsASME
TypeRepairable Piston Accumulator
Connection TypeSAE (ANSI B1.1)
Seal MaterialFKM (5 to 320F)
MediumFKM resistant to: Mineral Oils (HL and HLP), Operating fluids from the group HFD, Synthetic esters (HEES), Fuels, Aromatic hydrocarbons, Inorganic acids; FKM not resistant to: Amines and ketone, Ammonia, Skydrol and hyjet IV, and steam.
MaterialCarbon Steel
Short DescriptionPiston Accumulators Series SK350
Operating Temperature [Min]-15 ºC5 ºF
Operating Temperature [Max]160 ºC320 ºF
Connection SizeSAE#24
Operating Pressure [Min]0 bar0 psi
Operating Pressure [Max]210 bar3000 psi
Connection GenderFemale
Volume Capacity19.8 gal75 L
Pre-Charged Pressure0 bar0 psi
Valve MaterialCarbon Steel
Model Code DescriptionSK350-75/2116S-210ACM-KCH-25H


Diameter250 mm
Height77.1 in1958 mm


ApplicationFluids are practically incompressible and cannot therefore store pressure energy. The compressibility of a gas (nitrogen) is utilized in hydraulic accumulators for storing fluids. ZP piston accumulators are based on this principle. A piston accumulator consists of a fluid section and a gas section with the piston acting as a gas-proof separation element. The gas section is pre-charged with nitrogen. The fluid section is connected to the hydraulic circuit so that the piston accumulator draws in fluid when the pressure increases and the gas is compressed. When the pressure drops, the compressed gas expands and forces the stored fluid into the circuit.

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