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Seal Kit 180 mm BUNA Type 1 Spare Parts – Piston Accumulators

Piston Accumulator Spare Parts
Model Code Description
Seal Kit 180 mm BUNA Type 1
Seal Material
180 mm
Operating Temperature [Min]
-20 ºC-4 ºF
Operating Temperature [Max]
80 ºC180 ºF

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A piston accumulator consists of a fluid section and a gas section with the piston acting as a gas-proof screen. The gas section is precharged with dry nitrogen gas. Auxiliary gas bottles are frequently used with piston accumulators to provide the required gas volume. Piston Accumulators are a cost effective option for numerous functions involving energy storage, and sometimes shock absorption in a hydraulic or fluid system. They are well suited for applications needing: High Pressure Ratios, Large Volumes of Oil, High Fluid flow rates, Volume monitoring by way of piston position sensor or switch systems.


TypePiston Accumulator Spare Parts
Model Code DescriptionSeal Kit 180 mm BUNA Type 1
Seal MaterialBuna
Size180 mm
Operating Temperature [Min]-20 ºC-4 ºF
Operating Temperature [Max]80 ºC180 ºF


Bore Diameter180 mm


ApplicationPrecise information about the intended operating conditions is required in order to select the most appropriate sealing system for the field of application. Important criteria for this selection are, for example: design pressure, effective pressure differential, switching frequency or switching cycle, temperature fluctuation, operating fluid, cleanliness of fluid (filtration rating), maintenance requirements. The sealing systems differ according to the type of piston used, each of which has its own type and arrangement of seals. Various elastomers are available as sealing material, depending on the operating conditions.

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