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Purpose of Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Bucket

To explore the use of dewar barrels as storage containers for liquid ammonia, we now understand several advantages of using dewar barrels as storage containers for liquid ammonia:

  1. Efficient insulation: Dewar barrels have excellent insulation performance, and the vacuum insulation layer between the inner and outer walls can effectively reduce heat conduction and radiation, keeping liquid nitrogen at extremely low temperatures. This can extend the storage time of liquid ammonia and reduce evaporation and loss.
  2. High safety: Dewar barrels are usually made of high-strength stainless steel or aluminum alloy, which can withstand the pressure of liquid ammonia and maintain the integrity of the container. The selection and structural design of this material make the Dewar bucket highly durable and safe, which can avoid leakage and accidents.
  3. Convenient transportation: The design of liquid nitrogen dewar barrels makes them easy to transport. The barrel body usually has appropriate handles or support structures for easy handling and installation. In addition, the capacity of the Dewar bucket can be adjusted as needed, suitable for the storage and transportation of liquid ammonia gas of different scales and needs.
  4. Multi field applications: Liquid nitrogen is widely used in multiple fields, such as laboratory research, cryopreservation, food processing, etc. The advantage of liquid ammonia dewar barrels is that they can provide a stable low-temperature environment, suitable for applications that require freezing, refrigeration, and cooling, maintaining the quality of samples and preserving the integrity of biological samples.

Therefore, using dewar barrels as storage containers for liquid ammonia gas has advantages such as efficient insulation, high safety, convenient transportation, and suitability for multiple applications. This makes the Dewar bucket a reliable choice for storing liquid nitrogen, meeting the requirements of various fields that require low-temperature environments. The following are several main applications in various fields:

  1. Cryopreservation of biological samples: The temperature of liquid ammonia is very low (about -196 degrees Celsius), so liquid nitrogen ammonia dewar barrels are often used for cryopreservation of biological samples, such as cells, tissues, blood, etc. Low temperature can prevent biochemical reactions in the sample and reduce capillary metabolism, thereby extending its storage time.
  2. Laboratory research: Liquid ammonia dewar barrels are widely used in laboratory research fields, especially in life sciences and physical sciences. It is used for freezing samples for analysis, preserving rare or sensitive biological samples, and for low-temperature experiments such as superconducting magnet experiments, low-temperature electronics, etc.
  3. Frozen food and freezing treatment: Liquid nitrogen is used for frozen food and freezing treatment processes. The food industry uses liquid ammonia for rapid freezing to preserve the quality, taste, and nutritional value of food.
  4. Liquid ammonia transportation and storage: Liquid nitrogen dewar barrels are also used for the transportation and storage of liquid ammonia. In some laboratories, medical institutions, or industrial environments, liquid ammonia is used to provide cooling agents or refrigerants, and dewar barrels can safely store and transport liquid ammonia.
  5. Frozen electron microscopy: In electron microscopy technology, liquid ammonia dewar barrels are used for preparing and storing samples. The sample needs to be observed at extremely low temperatures to reduce electron beam scattering and sample heat loss, thereby improving resolution and image quality.

The heat loss of the product, thereby improving the resolution and image quality.

These are just some common applications of liquid nitrogen dewar barrels, which utilize the low-temperature characteristics of liquid ammonia and provide freezing, refrigeration, and cooling solutions for different fields.



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