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Seamless Cylinder Gas Tightness Test

Gas tightness testing of seamless cylinders is to ensure that the cylinders will not leak gas during transportation and use, thus ensuring safety. This inspection usually includes the following steps:

Appearance check: Check the cylinder’s appearance for damage, dents or corrosion. Any of these problems could affect the cylinder’s gas tightness.

Clean Surfaces: Ensure that the surface of the cylinder is clean and remove any dirt or impurities that may affect the gas tightness.

Safe Emptying: Ensure that there is no pressure inside the cylinder and that the cylinder can be emptied with the appropriate safety procedures.

Gas filling: Fill the cylinder with the specified gas according to the design specifications and usage requirements of the cylinder.

Pressurization: Appropriate equipment is used to apply pressure to the cylinder, usually above a specific pressure level to ensure pressure resistance.

Leak Detection: The cylinder is tested using appropriate testing equipment (e.g. gas tightness testing apparatus) to ensure that there are no gas leaks. This usually involves applying pressure to the cylinder surface or connections and observing that the pressure remains constant.

Recording results: The results of the test are recorded, including information such as the values before and after the pressure is applied, and whether the test found any leaks. These records are important for tracking the gas tightness of the cylinder.

Repairing or banning: If leaks or other leak-tightness problems are found, appropriate repair measures need to be taken, such as replacing seals or repairing the cylinder, and re-testing it. If the problem is serious, the cylinder may need to be removed from service.

The above are the steps for gas tightness inspection of seamless cylinders in general, the specific operation may vary according to the use of cylinders, specifications and the requirements of relevant regulations.



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