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The application of piston accumulator

The piston accumulator has multiple applications. Firstly, in vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and ships, it can be used as a shock absorber to absorb the vibrations generated when turning or passing through bumpy roads, thereby improving the stability and comfort of the vehicle. Secondly, piston type accumulators can also serve as stabilizers in hydraulic systems, storing excess pressure and liquid to avoid fluctuations in pressure and flow, thereby stabilizing the operation of the system. In addition, piston type accumulators also play an important role in energy storage, such as for storing renewable energy.
However, piston type accumulators also have some drawbacks. Under low pressure conditions, due to the interference of inertial forces, the piston is relatively large and suitable for high-frequency reciprocating motion. Therefore, it is not suitable for absorbing pulsation under low pressure and high-frequency pulsation. In addition, the machining accuracy and hydraulic sealing requirements for the inner wall of the shell are high, otherwise it is easy to leak, and the quality of each brand is relatively different. In addition, the accuracy of the inner wall of the housing, the design of the sealing material and lubrication system may affect the sliding friction of piston movement, and piston type accumulators are usually heavier and more expensive than airbag and bag type accumulators.
Overall, piston type accumulators have a wide range of applications in various fields such as transportation, hydraulic systems, and energy storage, with many advantages, but there are also some issues that need to be noted. When selecting and using, it is necessary to weigh and consider based on actual needs and conditions.



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