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The common applications of piston-type accumulators

Piston-type accumulators are commonly used in hydraulic systems that require the storage of pressure energy. Here are some common applications of piston-type accumulators:

Energy Balance in Hydraulic Systems: Piston-type accumulators are employed in hydraulic systems to balance the difference between energy demand and supply. In such systems, when the output of the hydraulic pump exceeds the system load, excess energy can be stored in the accumulator and then released when needed to meet peak load demands.

Shock Absorption and Impact Damping: Piston-type accumulators can be used to absorb shocks and pressure waves in system operations. This is particularly useful in machinery, engineering equipment, and transportation vehicles, as it reduces system vibration and impact, prolonging equipment lifespan and enhancing operational comfort.

Emergency Backup Power: In certain applications, piston-type accumulators can serve as emergency backup power sources. For example, in hydraulic systems, if the primary power source (such as a hydraulic pump) fails, the stored energy in the accumulator can be used to provide temporary power, ensuring the safe shutdown of the system or its continued operation in emergency situations.

Auxiliary Starting Devices: In some large machinery and transportation vehicles, piston-type accumulators can be utilized as auxiliary starting devices. By storing pressure energy, the accumulator can provide additional power to start engines or other equipment, particularly useful when a significant amount of energy is required during startup.

Engineering and Construction: Piston-type accumulators can also be used in various engineering and construction applications that require periodic high-power output, such as hydraulic lifts, hydraulic impactors, and vibrators.

Overall, piston-type accumulators find widespread applications in various hydraulic systems and mechanical equipment that require the storage and release of pressure energy, enhancing system efficiency, performance, and reliability.



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