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The function of bag type accumulator

Bladder type accumulator is an energy storage device widely used in hydraulic systems. Its main function is to store hydraulic energy in the hydraulic system and release this energy when needed. Accumulators can balance the flow and pressure fluctuations of hydraulic systems, improving system performance and efficiency.
The main functions include:
Balanced pressure: When the flow rate supplied by the hydraulic pump in the hydraulic system exceeds the current required flow rate, the accumulator can absorb excess hydraulic energy, allowing the pressure to be balanced. On the contrary, when the system requires more hydraulic energy, the accumulator can release the stored energy, provide additional hydraulic capacity, and ensure the normal operation of the system.
Buffer pressure shock: Certain operations in hydraulic systems may cause sharp changes in pressure, such as sudden opening or closing of valves. Accumulators can act as buffers, absorbing and mitigating these pressure impacts, reducing impact and wear on system components.
Emergency backup energy: In hydraulic systems, the accumulator can serve as a backup energy device. When the main pump of the system malfunctions or stops working, the accumulator can continue to provide hydraulic capacity for a certain period of time by releasing stored energy, allowing the system to stop in an orderly manner or perform emergency operations, avoiding accidents or damage.
Energy conservation and emission reduction: Accumulators can help optimize the energy efficiency of hydraulic systems. When the system is under light load or does not require continuous operation, the accumulator can store excess hydraulic energy, reduce pump operation time, thereby saving energy and reducing emissions.
Overall, bladder type accumulators play an important role in hydraulic systems, improving system performance and reliability, reducing energy consumption, and also providing protection against impacts and wear on system components.



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