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The Meaning and Advantages of Accumulator Safety Stop Valve

I. The meaning of accumulator safety stop valve: Safety shut-off valve is a kind of accumulator supporting the use of new hydraulic components. Can be installed as a shut-off valve in the accumulator and the system connected to the pipeline, and has a pressure limit protection, oil pressure relief and other functions to protect the accumulator. The valve body is equipped with a pressure measurement port, can detect the working pressure of the accumulator. This valve set overflow, cut-off, unloading and other functions in one, small size, light weight, simple and compact structure, easy to operate and disassemble. It can greatly improve the service life and safety reliability of the accumulator.
II. Advantages of accumulator safety shut-off valve:1. simple structure, manufacturing and maintenance is relatively convenient.2. small working stroke, short opening and closing time.3.good sealing, sealing surface friction between small, long life.4.the structure of the valve body of the globe valve in the form of straight-through, straight-flow and right-angle type. Straight-through type is a common structure, but its fluid resistance. Straight flow type fluid resistance is smaller, mostly used for solid particles or viscosity of the fluid. Right-angle type valve body is mostly forged, suitable for smaller throughput, higher pressure of the globe valve.



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