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Understanding the Diverse Fields of Application for Bladder Accumulators

Bladder Accumulators, Also known as airbag accumulator or leather bag accumulator, it has a wide range of applications in multiple fields. The following is a detailed analysis of its diverse application areas:
hydraulic system
Energy storage: In hydraulic systems, Blade Accumulators are able to store excess energy when the system pressure exceeds the pre charge pressure. This capability ensures that the system still has sufficient power support during high load or high-frequency operations.
Shock and vibration absorption: By absorbing the shock and vibration in the system, Blade Accumulators protect the system from damage and extend the service life of the equipment.
Oil leakage or volume compensation: When the system experiences oil leakage or volume changes, they can promptly replenish hydraulic oil to ensure stable operation of the system.
Specific industrial applications
Mining equipment: In mining operations, Blade Accumulators provide power to various hydraulic equipment, such as elevators and conveyors, to ensure efficient mining operations.
Construction machinery: In the construction industry, they are widely used in equipment such as pile drivers, excavators, and cranes, providing stable power support and reducing the impact and vibration generated during equipment operation.
Ships: In the shipbuilding industry, Blade Accumulators are used for servo and anchor systems, providing important support for ship handling and positioning.
Heavy vehicles: In heavy vehicles, such as trucks, excavators, etc., they are used for braking and lifting systems to improve vehicle safety and work efficiency.
Technical characteristics
Design: The design of Blade Accumulators complies with the European Pressure Equipment Directive or American ASME standards, ensuring their safety and reliability in high-pressure environments.
Material: Made of high-quality rubber or synthetic materials, capable of withstanding high pressure and high-frequency cyclic use.
Capacity and pressure range: There are multiple different capacity and pressure ranges to choose from to meet the needs of different applications.
In summary, Blade Accumulators have a wide range of applications in multiple fields due to their unique design and functionality. They not only improve the efficiency and stability of the system, but also reduce maintenance costs, making them indispensable key components in modern industry.



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