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Usage of piston accumulator

A piston accumulator is a type of hydraulic accumulator used in hydraulic systems. Its primary function is to store hydraulic energy in the form of pressurized fluid. This stored energy can then be released as needed to supplement pump flow, reduce pump size, absorb shocks, or maintain system pressure during power loss.

Here are some common applications and benefits of using piston accumulators:

  1. Emergency Power Source: Piston accumulators are often used as emergency power sources in hydraulic systems. In the event of a power failure, the stored energy in the accumulator can be used to operate critical functions or safely shut down equipment.
  2. Dampening Pulsations: Hydraulic systems can experience pressure pulsations or surges due to changes in flow demand or sudden valve closures. Piston accumulators can absorb these pulsations, reducing stress on system components and improving overall system performance.
  3. Supplementing Pump Flow: During peak demand periods, hydraulic pumps may struggle to meet the required flow rates. Piston accumulators can supplement pump flow by releasing stored fluid when demand exceeds the pump capacity, thus ensuring consistent system performance.
  4. Energy Recovery: In certain applications where energy conservation is important, piston accumulators can be used to recover energy from decelerating loads. For example, in regenerative braking systems in heavy machinery or vehicles, the energy from braking can be stored in the accumulator for later use.
  5. Compensation for Leakage: Hydraulic systems can experience fluid leakage over time due to wear or seal degradation. Piston accumulators can compensate for this leakage by maintaining system pressure, preventing loss of performance or functionality.
  6. Reducing Pump Size: By using a piston accumulator to handle peak flow demands, the size and capacity of the hydraulic pump can be reduced, leading to cost savings and more efficient system operation.

Overall, the usage of piston accumulators provides flexibility, efficiency, and reliability to hydraulic systems across various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and construction.



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