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Use and maintenance of accumulator(1)

The installation of accumulator includes inspection, installation and nitrogen charging before installation. Correct installation, fixation and inflation are important conditions for the normal operation and play of the accumulator. The measurement of parameters and the correct use of various tools and instruments can not be ignory.

During the use of the accumulator, it is necessary to prevent vibration, high temperature, pollution and leakage, and regularly check the air tightness and other aspects of the airbag. Therefore, daily inspection and maintenance are indispensable. Daily inspection refers to the inspection of appearance and status by simple methods such as visual, auditory, hand touch and instrument. During inspection, both local and overall equipment shall be inspecte. For the abnormal conditions found in the inspection, emergency treatment shall be carriy out for those that hinder the continuous operation of the accumulator; Others shall be carefully observ and record.

Solve it when it comes to regular maintenance. Some damaged parts also need to be replace in time. Active maintenance is a new equipment management theory put forward in recent years after fault maintenance, preventive maintenance and condition base maintenance. His definition is to extend the service life of the equipment. Active maintenance is a measure take to solve the root problems before equipment wear, so as to effectively control the occurrence of wear and failure, so as to greatly prolong the repair cycle. Active maintenance not only guarantees the reliable operation of hydraulic equipment and components, but also greatly reduces the maintenance cost.

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