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What is a cylinder valve?

The cylinder valve is the main accessory of a gas cylinder, and its function is to fill the cylinder with gas, block the cylinder when storing gas, and release gas from the cylinder when using gas.

Bottle valves are generally made of brass or steel. The material of the cylinder valve fitted to a gas cylinder depends on the nature of the gas inside the cylinder. For example, the cylinder valves used in oxygen cylinders are made of copper instead of steel, as steel is more susceptible to corrosion than copper. On cylinders containing oxygen, phosgene, and certain other gases, steel cylinder valves must be used. Although these cylinder valves may be damaged due to corrosion, these gases only have a corrosive effect on metals when there is moisture present. Therefore, as long as the inside of the cylinder and the gas itself are free of moisture and the valve is frequently kept moist, gas erosion of the cylinder valve can be prevented.

The cylinder valve used for dissolving acetylene cylinders can be made of carbon steel or low alloy steel. However, when filling and using gas, contact with other instruments can easily cause dangerous sparks. Therefore, copper alloy cylinder valves with a copper content of less than 70% are generally used. Generally, copper cylinder valves can easily produce explosive acetylene copper when in contact with acetylene.



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