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What is a cylinder valve

The cylinder valve is the main accessory of the cylinder. Its function is: fill the gas into the cylinder when filling the gas; block the gas in the cylinder when storing the gas; release the gas from the cylinder when using the gas.

qf-2c valve,nitrogen gas cylinder valve,gas cylinder valve
qf-2c valve,nitrogen gas cylinder valve,gas cylinder valve

Bottle valves are generally made of brass or steel. The material of the it fitted to the cylinder depends on the nature of the gas in the cylinder. For example, the cylinder valves for oxygen cylinders are made of copper rather than steel, because steel is more susceptible to corrosion than copper. The valve can prevent the corrosion of some gas cylinders and other gas cylinders as long as it is used. However, it can prevent the gas cylinders from being eroded by water and other gas cylinders, which is often used.

Although it of carbon steel and low alloy steel can be used for dissolving it of acetylene, it is easy to produce dangerous sparks when contacting with other appliances when filling and using gas. Therefore, the copper alloy cylinder valve with copper content less than 70% is generally used, and the general copper cylinder valve is easy to produce explosive acetylene copper when contacting with acetylene.

qf-2a2 valve,laughing gas cylinder valve,co2 cylinder valve
QF-2A2 Valve For Laughing Gas Cylinder,Brass CO2 Gas Cylinder Valve with Safety 1)Suitable Medium:N2O 2)Working Pressure:15Mpa 3)Nominal

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