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What is the service life of a CO2 cylinder?

Steel seamless cylinders: 30 years

Article 4.1.2 of GB13004-1999 “Periodic Inspection and Evaluation of Steel Seamless Gas Cylinders”: Gas cylinders with a service life of more than 30 years are treated as obsolete and are not inspected after registration. Oxygen cylinders, nitrogen cylinders and carbon dioxide cylinders belong to this category.

Every 3 years to test the fire extinguisher from the factory date, the following years of age, must be scrapped:

Water-based fire extinguishers – 6 years;

Dry powder fire extinguishers – 10 years;

Clean gas extinguishers – 10 years;

Carbon dioxide extinguishers and cylinders – 12 years;

Fire extinguishers have one of the following conditions, must be scrapped:

Cylinder according to carry out hydraulic pressure test, failed must be scrapped, not allowed to patch welding;

The barrel is seriously rusted (paint peeling off large areas, rust area greater than or equal to one-third of the total area of the barrel) or the connection parts, the bottom of the barrel is seriously rusted;

No (or not installed) gas-removing screws and fixing screws in the head of the internal button type apparatus;

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers with handwheel-type valves must be replaced with pressure handle-type valves;

For the fire extinguisher with the amount of extinguishing agent greater than or equal to 4㎏, the head with intermittent spraying mechanism should be replaced or the spray gun should be added, and the one that cannot be replaced should be scrapped.

The barrel is seriously deformed;

Unreasonable structure (e.g. flat-bottomed cylinder; dry powder extinguishers with external gas cylinder and inlet pipe entering the cylinder from the cylinder body);

Without the name of the manufacturer and the year and month of the factory (including the decal off, or although there is a decal, but can no longer see the name of the manufacturer and the year and month of the factory);

Produced by manufacturers who have not obtained a production license;

The Ministry of Public Security or the provinces (cities, districts) public security fire department orders prohibit the sale and maintenance.

Extended Information:

Steel Seamless Gas Cylinders (GB 5099-1994) stipulates the type and parameters of steel seamless gas cylinders (hereinafter referred to as cylinders), technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, coating, packaging, transportation and storage. Steel Seamless Gas Cylinders (GB 5099-1994)” was issued on December 26, 1994 by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision, August 1, 1995 began to implement.



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