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What issues should be noted when using and storing gas cylinders?

Gas cylinders and accessories should be kept clean and dry to prevent contamination with corrosive media, dust, etc. Oxygen cylinder valves must not be contaminated with grease, and tools, gloves, or oily work clothes contaminated with grease must not be used to come into contact with oxygen cylinder valves, pressure reducers, etc.

When opening or closing the bottle valve, use hands or a special wrench, and do not use other tools to prevent damage to the valve components.

Valves equipped with handwheels cannot use wrenches. If the valve is damaged, the gas cylinder should be isolated and repaired in a timely manner.

▲ The opening or closing of the cylinder valve should be slow, especially for cylinders containing flammable gases, to prevent the generation of frictional heat or static sparks.

Special pressure reducers and flashback preventers must be installed at the outlet of acetylene cylinder valves.

When using a pressure reducer, it must be equipped with a clamping device combined with the bottle valve.

During normal use, the pressure drop of the acetylene cylinder’s discharge should not exceed 0.1MPa/h.

When a large flow rate is required, multiple acetylene cylinders should be used to supply gas together.



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