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What Safety Measures Should Be Observed for Safe Use of Diaphragm-Type Accumulators

Safe operation:
Strictly comply with relevant safety operating procedures, ensure that the work area is clean and tidy, and take appropriate protective measures, such as wearing safety glasses and gloves.
It is strictly prohibited to inspect, adjust, repair, and replace the accumulator under full load conditions to avoid danger caused by overload or sudden release of pressure.
Pressure limit:
Pay attention to the rated maximum working pressure of the diaphragm accumulator and strictly follow the pressure limit specified by the manufacturer to prevent accumulator rupture or other safety issues.
When the accumulator needs to be emptied or repaired, it is necessary to first release the internal pressure and take appropriate safety measures, such as using appropriate valves and devices, to ensure safe pressure release.
Regular inspection and maintenance:
Regularly check the working status and pressure of the diaphragm accumulator to ensure that there is no leakage in the connecting part of the accumulator and to maintain the integrity of the diaphragm.
If any abnormalities are found, such as temperature rise, increased noise, etc., the machine should be stopped for inspection in a timely manner and necessary repairs or replacements should be carried out.
Media selection:
Select appropriate diaphragm accumulator media according to application requirements to ensure compatibility with system media and prevent corrosion or damage.
Special attention should be paid to the use of corrosive hydraulic oil in diaphragm accumulators, as corrosive hydraulic oil may corrode and reduce the thickness of the container wall, leading to pressure vessel rupture.
Temperature control:
The working temperature of the diaphragm accumulator should be maintained within the range specified by the manufacturer to avoid high or low temperatures affecting the performance and lifespan of the diaphragm.
Following the above safety measures can greatly reduce the safety risks of diaphragm accumulators during use and ensure the safety of operators.



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