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What should be paid attention to during the installation of bladder type accumulators

What should be paid attention to during the installation of bladder type accumulators

Before installing the bladder type accumulator, relevant inspections need to be carried out

  1. Check if all components of the accumulator are complete and if there are any damaged areas.
  2. Whether the accumulator meets the usage specifications.
  3. Check if the valve cap at the air valve is tightened and if the pressure oil inlet is securely blocked.

There are also several precautions when installing bladder type accumulators

  1. Firstly, the installation location should be chosen, and finally, a relatively open area should be selected for easy inspection and maintenance.
  2. In order to ensure the safe use of the accumulator, it is generally firmly supported on a bracket or foundation, and inclined or horizontal installation methods are not used.
  3. When the accumulator is used to buffer and absorb pulsations, it should be installed as close to the vibration source as possible.
  4. To prevent the pressure oil stored in the accumulator from flowing back, a one-way valve needs to be installed between the accumulator and the hydraulic pump.
  5. Another point to note is that welding, riveting, and mechanical processing on the accumulator are not allowed, as these will reduce the product’s service life.

Finally, after installing the bladder type accumulator, it is necessary to conduct another inspection, test run, and keep relevant records. If there are no issues with the above, it can be put into use.



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