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Working principle and application scenarios of piston type accumulator

The piston type accumulator consists of three parts: compression chamber, hydraulic oil and gas chamber. And there is a piston on the partition between the compression chamber and the gas cavity.Compressed air is filled in the gas chamber.

The working principle of the compression stage of the piston type accumulator:In the compression stage, due to the increase of the pressure of the external hydraulic oil, the piston is driven by the pressure of the hydraulic oil.And the hydraulic oil in the compression chamber is squeezed into the gas cavity, so that the compressed air in the gas cavity gradually increases. When the compressed air reaches the preset pressure value, the pressure in the compression chamber will continue to rise until the opening pressure of the valve is reached, when the hydraulic oil begins to enter the system, and the pressure of the compressed air is limited to the set maximum pressure range.

The working principle of the release stage of the piston type accumulator:During the release phase, as the pressure in the external hydraulic oil becomes less, the valve in the system begins to close, and the piston is bounced back to its original position, resulting in a rapid release of the compressed air in the gas cavity, which drives the hydraulic oil flow and provides energy.

Common application scenarios:The piston type accumulator uses the piston to separate the gas and the liquid.There is a sealing between the inner wall of the piston and the cylinder accumulator, so the oil is not easy to oxidation. This kind of accumulator has long life, light weight, easy installation, simple structure and convenient maintenance, but it has poor response sensitivity and is not suitable for low pressure absorption pulsation. Piston type accumulator is widely used in mechanical devices and hydraulic systems.And there are many application scenarios in engineering practice, such as transmission control, hydraulic machinery, hydraulic starting unit, water conservancy engineering and thermal power generation device.



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